Tasting Room

Lagavulin Distiller's Ed. Islay Scotch-
This 16 year old scotch is more than just another Islay drink. This full bodied, peated (smoky flavor) scotch has notes of coffee and vanilla with a very nice long finish. It will pair nicely mussels, oysters or even some Gorgonzola cheese. Experiment with a drop of water in your glass to change your experience.

Ketel One Botanicals Vodka-
Ketel One begins by distilling their great vodka with natural botanicals and then uses more natural flavors to infuse the right amount of flavor into each of their blends. Try each flavor to find your favorite.

Macallan 12 yr Highland Single Malt Scotch-
Macallan's 12 year old Highland Scotch is going to be much different than a scotch from the Islay region. This scotch is matured in sherry barrels to deliver a rich wood but not real peaty flavor along with its golden color. You may even pick up notes of dried fruit as you enjoy this single malt scotch.

Codigo 1530' Rosa
This tequila gets its name and coloration, Rosa, because it is rested in UN-charred Napa Cabernet French White Oak barrels. The agave has a bright character and soft floral notes from the wine.

Jack Daniels Master Distiller Series #6-
This is the latest special edtion to honor Jack Daniels' master distillers. This edition is honoring Jimmy Bedford who distilled for them from 1988-2008. This isn't your normal JD. Try it out and give us your opinion.

Wild Turkey Master's Keep Decades
This is the second installment in the Master's Keep series. According to their own words they use "hand-selected lot of precious and rare barrels, aged between 10 and 20 years, represents the very best of two decades of bourbon making. Master Distiller Eddie Russell's harmonious mingling of liquid results in an extraordinarily enjoyable whiskey with the finesse and deep character of older bourbon, anchored by the bold, balanced, and vibrant backbone of younger bourbon."